10 Useful Feng Shui Tips to Bring Love and Warmth Back In Your Home

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Many husband-wives spend all their time fighting each other.

Many husband-wives spend all their time fighting each other. This not only affects their marriage life but also have a bad effect on their children. In this article you will learn how Feng Shui helps in bringing warmth and love back in your home.

Examine your bedroom. Is it full of color or does the room give you a feeling of warmth and comfort? Are the walls painted red or bright yellow? Write down all the observations of your bedroom.

1. The walls should be painted a nice, soft, romantic color. Green and blues are good for the bedroom.
2. Replace the bed sheets with new soft linen. Pink and green are great colors to open your hearts for better communication.
3. Place your bed against a wall, farthest from the door.
4. You and your spouse should have a good view of the door.
5. Have a minimum of two pillows on the bed. Pillows should always be in multiples of two.
6. Locate the southwest corner in the bedroom. Decorate it to symbolize growth and harmony in your relationship, such as photo of you and your spouse.
7. Go to all the southwest corners in the home and see what all lie in corners. Are they vacant or filled with clutter? Clean out all the southwest corners and place a vibrant plant or objects in pairs.
8. Organize and clean the front entrance. Have a meandering path to the other areas of the home. If the hallway is filled with chaos and unfinished projects, it will most likely spark friction.
9. Organize and clutter free the entire home. Invest in a house that’s cleaner, if time is an issue.
10. Play soft music or nature sounds. Have a CD player that can continually repeat the music while you are not at home. The sounds will permeate through the house and give you a welcome as you enter.

If the home is relaxing and comforting, there will be fewer fights and more discussions of your problems. 

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By: Jess Lorinter
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