3 Things That Can Improve Your Relationship

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Everyone wants to have a happy, committed relationship. But those types of relationships just don't happen.

Everyone wants to have a happy, committed relationship. But those types of relationships just don’t happen. It takes work from both partners. All good things are worth the effort. Plus, you appreciate something that you work hard for on a deeper level. A loving and happy relationship is worth every bit of effort you put into it, but it is still nice to have an idea of what you can do to make your relationship the best it can be.

Make Time For Each Other

It seems as relationships age, we become more comfortable and relaxed. As a result, we don’t court or date like we used to. Why dress up and go out when you can watch TV from the comfort of your own home. Think of your relationship as something like the clothes you wear. The comfortable sweats and T-shirts are perfect for every day and you feel you can totally relax in them. But every once in a while it feels great to put on your best clothes it makes you feel just a little extra special. Relationships are like this, you feel comfortable and relaxed when you are doing what you always do, but going out occasionally makes you feel special and loved.

Going out on regular dates is very important for couples who have children. It seems like most of your time at home revolves around the kids and the family needs. This is a good thing and strengthens the family bonds, but you also need to make time for the two of you. When parents go out without their children they have the chance to see each other as adults and peers. Not as a mother or father, but as someone to have a conversation with.

Responsibility – Take it and Share it!

If you want a great relationship, you should never play the blame game! It is human nature to shift the blame of a situation on someone else. After all, why should you be responsible? This is a selfish attitude that has no place in a loving relationship. At times you will be wrong and other times your partner will be wrong. Sometimes there is no blame at all, just a situation that needs to be worked out. By putting each other and the relationship first you will create unity and trust.

In addition to taking responsibility for your actions, you need to take and share responsibility for the everyday parts of your relationship. Share in household and yard duties, bill paying, and major decisions. For a relationship to be truly committed, you need to treat each other as equal partners. Even if one person is the primary breadwinner, you should both share in the financial decisions.

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

We often are kinder to perfect strangers than we are to our own families. Really, we should be making those we care about feel our love and appreciation. Find little ways to show love and gratitude each day. People like to be appreciated for the small and everyday things they do. Thank your wife for your clean laundry or tell your husband you like how the yard looks. Life looks a little brighter when you feel appreciated. So the next time you are tempted to make a negative comment, find something positive instead. Remember, it takes 10 positive comments to undo the damage done by one negative comment.

The work needed to create a loving and committed relationship shouldn’t be considered work at all. It is an art, the art of love.

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By: Jess Lorinter
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