5 Interesting Topics People Enjoy Talking About

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Everyone has had that conversation, the one that drags on, stumbles all over itself, the discussion that seems like treading through molasses.

Everyone has had that conversation, the one that drags on, stumbles all over itself, the discussion that seems like treading through molasses. Usually, tedious and boring conversations have less to do with the two people talking and more to do with the subject being discussed. A good, lively and interesting topic often does more than to keep a conversation rolling than an engaging, gregarious person discussing something dull and uninteresting. To help you, here are five popular topics that people love to talk about.

TOP SPOTS TO HANG OUT AT – This is a great way to learn about where people love to hang out in their spare time, and where to meet other people with similar interests. Most gossip that doesn’t involve people revolves around the best places to be seen, or to get coffee, pizza, a beer or dance the night away. This topic can easily lead to invitation to further social encounters at any of the places discussed between you and your conversation partner.

THE ECONOMY – Believe it or not, everyone has an opinion on the dour state of the economy right now (making it a great topic to talk about) and most everyone knows someone impacted by the decline in some way. Commiseration loves company, but beware, such conversations are not a good place to discuss political action beyond generalities unless you know ahead of time the political proclivities of your conversation partner, and that you know such what create unnecessary friction.

MUTUAL INTERESTS – Most likely you will share with the people you talk with some common interest or activity that you both enjoy doing and talking about. If you are unsure what your conversation partner enjoys doing, pick a couple of your favorite interests and ask them their thoughts on those things. Chances are you will soon find common ground on this and have plenty to talk about.

POPULAR CULTURE – Most everyone has an opinion on the TV shows, newspapers and Web sites that define and dominate our culture. Good or bad, chances are your conversation partner has plenty to say about American Idol, Survivor, or the NY Times Book Review. They call this water cooler talk for a reason. Good social skills involves both meaningful and light topics like water cooler talk.

VACATIONS – Everybody loves to get away, and most people love talking about their last vacation or the one they currently have in the works. Such conversations are great ways to mutually fantasize about leaving your respective lives behind, even if for only a short while.

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By: Jess Lorinter
Joshua Uebergang

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