Changing Your Relationship for the Better

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Do you belong to the group of single women who experienced a bad ending in their relationships without really knowing the real reasons behind the breakup?

Do you belong to the group of single women who experienced a bad ending in their relationships without really knowing the real reasons behind the breakup? Relationships like this work out differently but always end the same way. Ever wondered why your man broke up with you even if you started out really well?

Surely you did the best that you could to hold on to the relationship right? You may have encouraged your boyfriend to sit down and talk about where the relationship is going just so you could change his mind from ending the relationship. Doing this could temporarily offer solutions, but the break up still happens in the end.

Wondering what you could be doing wrong?

You could’ve been thinking that women and men think alike when it comes to relationship issues. Women usually talk directly to their boyfriends about the problem, hoping to make them realize that ending the relationship is not the solution. You think this would work because this is how you and your other girl friends deal with your problems.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work the same way with men. You can’t make them stay in the relationship even if you try to talk him into it. He would sometimes say one thing but do another, which only infuriates you further. He may be agreeing with you just to shut you up. And they usually do this when they are on the verge of breaking up with you.

The weird thing with men is that the more you talk him into staying, the more you’re making him run away. That is how they are. If that’s true, then how can you improve your relationship for the better and make him stay?

The good news is that there is a way to improve the relationship. Just remember that you can’t order a man around nor can you convince or pressure him to stay if he can’t find enough reasons to do so. He will stay if he finds a good emotional reason.

The reason behind this is that because men wouldn’t want to live the rest of their lives with women who order them around.

When your man feels that the relationship is not as exciting as it used to be, then he may begin to lose interest in having a relationship with you. If this time comes, he may look somewhere else for the excitement that he needs. It may sound callous and insensitive but that is how a man’s mind works, even if he’s not aware of it.

To keep this from happening, be the best that you can be in the relationship. Always remember that the good men are not interested in women who think immaturely and jump into bed immediately. The good catch would be on the look out for independent, strong and positive women who can make them enjoy life to the fullest.

Keep yourself interesting and you can bet that the next time he sees you, he’ll be telling himself that he can’t let go of a wonderful woman like you.

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By: Jess Lorinter
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