Common Problems in Marriage

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How to deal with the 12 most common problems in marriage

All the films we watched as children – from Girls to Love and Doves – have given our generation an idea of ​​what true love should look like. Women are looking for their “Prince Charming” because our world tends to celebrate marriage.

As a result, to most people, marriage seems like a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to go off into the sunset together and live happily ever after? Real life marriage can sometimes be difficult. In fact, it can be downright frustrating for many couples if they don’t know how to deal with their problems.

Nobody teaches us how to have a happy family and a healthy marriage. If our parents didn’t model it for us, then we have no idea how to do it ourselves, it is not taught in school. Because of this, almost all marriages have problems. Some couples have had their ups and downs over the years; most married couples have similar problems.

So let’s take a look at 15 of the most common problems that most marriages face.

Division of labor

Research shows that even when both spouses are working outside the home, the woman usually does housework after work. Obviously this creates more stress for her. But what causes even more stress than these daily responsibilities is called "psychological responsibility." In other words, women have many things to remember.

Children and differences in parenting

Let's face it - crying children, rebellious teens sometimes don't give much pleasure, and it makes couples stressful. Even different styles parenting, such as punishing a child, can cause a split in a married couple.


Some people are wasteful, others are frugal. Maybe it's important for one person to grow and invest, while the other doesn't care. Fighting for money and spending it is one of the most common problems in marriage.

Personality differences

If one person is an introvert and another is an extrovert, there can be constant tension regarding communication. An extrovert may feel rejected because the introvert never wants to go to a party with him. And this is just one aspect of personality differences that can cause problems in marriage.

Jealousy and infidelity

Many people are naturally insecure, and unfortunately, many people tend to cheat on their spouses. So, whether someone is actually cheating or not, there is also jealousy in a relationship.

Infidelity is not just physical betrayal. Emotional infidelity thrives on technology these days, such as phones and dating apps. With them it is so easy to hide what someone is doing and who is talking to.


Everyone has different sexual needs - both in frequency and type. Some people like to exercise as often as they can, while others can live the rest of their lives without it. Others need something special to enjoy. Most couples have problems with sexual compatibility.


Relationships are always interesting when they are new. It seems to everyone that they are walking on the clouds because they are in love. But over time, the novelty and fascination subside. When this happens, many couples find themselves in crisis and their relationship stagnates and becomes boring. It takes an effort to keep the love alive and keep doing interesting things together.

Power inequality

Power can come in many forms, from financial power to parental power. If one of the spouses makes more money than the other (or one of them is a housewife), this creates an imbalance in the marriage.

Values ​​and Beliefs

As they say, people can love each other, but where will they live? Or, when two people look at the world differently, it becomes difficult to understand each other. This can lead to problems in the marriage.

For example, there may be no separation of beliefs and world views. Or, if one is a Liberal and the other is a Democrat, this can also cause serious tension in the marriage.


Psychological and emotional abuse is also very detrimental to the couple as a whole: invisible abuse in relationships that destroys people. When one or both people disrespect each other by laying on hands or using terrible language while communicating, it can instantly end a marriage.

Attempts to change each other

Nobody's perfect. There will always be something in everyone in the world that will annoy you. But when people do not understand this, they try to change each other. You cannot change people. So, you just need to learn to accept each other for who you are. Otherwise, you will make each other unhappy with the grumbling associated with trying to change the person - and this is simply impossible.

Unjustified expectations

You think, “I work and then I come home, cook, clean and take care of the children. But all this time, the beloved just sits on the couch, drinks beer and does not even notice how tense I am! " As a result, resentment builds up over time, which can destroy a marriage.

Maybe you think that your wife should cook gourmet meals all the time, like your mother did. Well, maybe she hates cooking! Putting unrealistic expectations on your spouse will only make you angry and upset.

No one has a perfect marriage - not even the happiest! It takes effort to be happy in marriage, but that doesn't mean the effort has to be hard. If you both try your best to deal 100% with the inevitable marriage problems you face, the marriage can be successful. It takes a lot of commitment and love, but it's definitely possible!

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By: Jess Lorinter

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