Healing in Abusive Relationships – 7 Secrets to Successful Survival in an Abusive Relationship

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Far too often, we hear individuals in abusive relationships seeking to change their partners in order to change their relationship.

Far too often, we hear individuals in abusive relationships seeking to change their partners in order to change their relationship. While it is true that a change in either person will change the overall dynamic of the relationship, changing one’s partner is only an option if it is partner self-initiated.

Rather than holding onto something that is essentially out of one’s control-actually not one’s business-look to changing what is within your control and is indeed your business: yourself.

In working with thousands of patients over the years, the one thing I consistently see is that when people grow to honor and respect their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space they have no tolerance for others not doing the same.

Now as I write this, I’m keenly aware of the hair standing up on end for those that are currently struggling in an abusive relationship. Know that I, too, lived there once and I know that when being battered and remaining entangled, on some level we are failing to hold reverence for that which our abusive partner has scorned.

Thus, I invite you to look within for the revolution. It is from here that lasting change occurs. It is truly from within.

In closing, I leave you with seven secrets to successful survival in an abusive relationship, during and after should the relationship remain abusive.

1) Write–journal daily both your inner world and your outer world.

2) Whole foods–nourish your body with that which is truly nourishing.

3) Water–let pure water be your primary beverage and saturate every cell with it.

4) Work-out–find a body strengthening and toning routine and make it a regimen.

5) The Work–when you feel mental and/or emotional distress, open your thoughts to an inquiry until they let go of you and your authentic truth will emerge.

6) Welcome–expect the universe and the individuals in your world to support, honor and respect you.

7) Wholeness–meditate and know the inner well of well-being. How? By cultivating the effortless innocent discipline of letting it in.

If I could tell you which one of these items is most important, I would. However, I’m convinced that each one is an integral part of the healing process. If you are inclined to adopt one of these seven secrets to survival in an abusive relationship as a start, meditation is the place to begin. With this, all of the others naturally follow.

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By: Jess Lorinter
For more survivor success tips and healing insights, visit http://www.PreventAbusiveRelationships.com. Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. helps people recognize, end and heal from domestic violence ? 2008 Jeanne King, Ph.D. PreventAbusiveRelationships.com EndDomesticAbuse.org

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