How Devorce Affects A Once Vibrant Family

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Children are the key to marriage.

Children are the key to marriage. The urge that drives one to marriage is purposely the desire to bear children and to start up your own family. It’s amazing and surprising how people run and long for marriage and yet end up breaking after a very short period of time leaving children with scars in their hearts. It’s for sure well known and defined fact that whatever comes easy goes easy. Hence it’s always good to take time and know better the kind of a person you are getting married to in order to avoid future problems because divorce affects children growth. Parental love is the most essential factor that dictates children’s growth and development. Failure to get this love aspect leads to a very weak parental background of a child. Avoid messes in marriage that may lead to failure in marriage. Divorce affects children growth and leads to their physical trauma.

When two bulls fights the grass suffers most. As much as the two are affected by divorce, children are also not left behind. Divorce affects children growth and impact a sense of fear and mistrust towards their parents. Its always wise to try and avoid many unanswered questions that are always left hanging in their mind after divorce and separation. These questions eat up children’s heart and you come to realize that divorce affects children growth. To avoid all these problems cropping up in our children and leaving them under pressure on whom to follow and what to do next, let’s try to remain committed, dedicated and with great respect towards our marriages. Divorce affects children growth let’s try to avoid it.

To identify a successful marriage, we can only tell it from how well the children are brought up. Behind each and every successful child, there must be a strong marriage. Once a couple has pronounced divorce and every one goes on his or her own way, there and then problems starts and the next thing is to ruin children growth. After a divorce the children code of behavior starts to deteriorate and disciplinary ethics dries off. Divorce affects children growth and all we can do is to try how to curb it. Remember when you entered into marriage you made a life time commitment and you should honor it.

Look around and see how breakage in marriage has affected children. Talk about street children, prostitutes, thieves and robbers they are most probably brought up from broken families. What is this evil that brought up breakage in marriage? Some of the aspects that lead to divorce are very minor and can be avoided. Lack of trust, unfaithfulness, misunderstanding, dissatisfaction and communication break down all these lead to divorce. Divorce affects children growth, try to overcome it. Marriage is a precious gift from God it should be honored and respected by every one who intends to engage in it. Love is the key to every successful marriage, learn to love and live in harmony. 

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