How to Test a Man’s Love For You! Here is How to Be Absolutely Sure of Whether He Loves You Or Not

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A woman always wants to know if her man truly loves her or not.

A woman always wants to know if her man truly loves her or not. Gone are the days when she used to pull apart a daisy’s petals chanting "he loves me….he loves me not…" There are several ways how you can put your man to the test.

Test if he’s cheating behind your back!
When you are out on a date check and see if your guy has eyes only for you or if he seems distracted by other beautiful women around. If he is constantly ogling them or even commenting on their bodies, clothes etc, it proves that he has a roving eye and will not be faithful to you.

Is he always grumbling when he is with you?
You have to wise up and know that there is something wrong if your guy is constantly criticizing and grumbling when he is with you. Dissatisfaction is a sure sign that your guy is not happy with you and does not love you. However, if he seems truly happy with you no matter what the situation is – it proves his love for you.

Tell him you are going out of town!
The best way to test your guy’s fidelity is to tell him that you are going out of town when you are not! This way if he is being unfaithful, you can catch him at it. If he is truly in love with you he will not cheat on you whether you are in town or out of town!

Are you a priority in his life?
This is another test that will show you if he truly loves you or not. A man who does not really care will not bother putting you first. In fact, you will find to your dismay that you are the last on his list! This sort of callousness and disinterest in you should tell you a few things about him.

Don’t give into his demands as usual
This is one way to test if he is being selfish and boorish. You will find out soon enough if he is as loving and considerate with you if you don’t do something he wants you to do. If you don’t give in to his demands he could turn nasty and unkind. This is a sure sign that he is into the relationship only to get what you have been giving him!

Is it is one-way communication between you?
Check and see if you are the only one doing all the calling, messaging and communicating. If he loves you, he will be the one who does all the calling because he hates to be apart from you even for a day!

Talk about commitment and marriage
This is one of the best tests to find out his true feelings. Talk of marriage will put him off if he does not really care for you. He will hate all talk of commitment, kids and family. The one way to find out is to ask him outright if he intends to marry you!

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