Missing Your Boyfriend After The Break Up? How to Get Him Back

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You're missing your boyfriend after the break up. It's hard to function without him. You worry every moment that you're awake that you may never get back together with him and when you're asleep it's always restless.

You’re missing your boyfriend after the break up. It’s hard to function without him. You worry every moment that you’re awake that you may never get back together with him and when you’re asleep it’s always restless. Your life just isn’t the same and it won’t be until he’s back in your arms again. You’ve already tried to get him back to no avail. If this sounds like you, time is of the essence. You need to take the right steps right now to get him back. Unless you follow some proven and effective advice, your dream of being his girlfriend again is going to go up in smoke.


When you’re missing your boyfriend, your emotions are running the show. They are essentially at the controls and dictating everything you’re doing. That’s not good at all. When you allow your emotions to guide you, you’re bound to come across as someone who is desperate and pathetic. That usually happens when a woman calls her ex boyfriend up several times a day when she’s crying. She’ll beg him to come back and he’ll feel completely uncomfortable. Another common scenario is when a woman tries to trick her ex into coming back by flaunting another man in his face. Jealousy is never a practical or useful tool for getting a man back.

Instead, you must approach this from a place of determined reason. You already know that he can love you because he fell very much in love with you once before. You’re going to use that to your advantage right now. Consider all the things he said he loved most about you when you two were together. Work on bringing those things back to the surface again. Show him, that you’re still that same woman.

You must also be mindful of the fact that he needs some room. Even though you’re missing your ex boyfriend like crazy right now, he can’t miss you if you’re always there trying to get him to give you a second chance. That’s why it highly suggested that you take a few weeks to yourself. Give up the idea of winning him back for the moment. You’ll actually find that you’re more successful at getting his attention, if you’re ignoring him. Creating distance yourself suggests that you’re moving on from the relationship and this will help him to see that you’re not waiting endlessly for him. This is often enough to make a man panic because he’ll realize that he may very well lose the woman he loves forever.

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By: Jess Lorinter
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