Social-Distancing Date Night Ideas for Couples

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When You’re stuck in quarantine, regular date nights for couples can help you feel much closer, and provide a break from the stress.

When You’re stuck in quarantine, regular date nights for couples can help you feel much closer, and provide a break from the stress.

It means couples have to find some creative, intentional ways to spend better their time with each other. Does not matter what is: a movie or a game or even something more romantic, strengthen your relationship in the middle of a world crisis, is vital.

If you’re planning to prioritise a date night at home, all the distractions have to be put aside, no phone and no tv better. Dates are not going to just happen, they have to be planned and couples have really to put the effort in this.

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Trying new things and having fun together will freshen up your week for both of you. Try cook in and replicate your first date. Or grab takeout and have a movie night. Exercise, read, talk to friends! So many things you can fo together, it’s a tough time, but don’t forget to date your partner. This can make both of you much stronger, happier and closer – now and in the long run.

Spend some time apart
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Spending too much time together can be just as harmful as not spending enough time together. Since experts saying that keeping a routine is very critical to maintain your mental health while self-isolating, you can also set hours every day: like 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. - when you are each doing your own thing unless there's an emergency.
Read together
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Maybe you like to read science or classical books and your partner reads long-form articles on his phone. It doesn’t matter! A date night at home doesn’t require much! A reading night is a great way to connect and also have your space. Make some tea, light some candles or dim your lights and have a nice night of reading together.
Respect working from home
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The coronavirus pandemia has forced many people to work from home. So if your partner is working from home, it's very important to treat the situation as if they are at the office, and only disrupt them if it's essential. And if you still have a job and your partner doesn't, this is a time to show extra compassion.
Don't take your stress out on your partner
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When you feel like your stress levels are peaking, turn to mindful activities to de-escalate. Since you're stuck together because of pandemic, this is a time when it's important to reel back your emotions a little bit.Making your significant other feel insignificant by being angry or rude to them about your stress is not fair to them. They deserve to be treated in a loving and respectful way, which in the long term decreases your stress because the relationship will be.
Ask your partner what they need
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I this hard time ask your partner: What can I do to make this period easier for you?
Make your time together quality time
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It's much better to spend some time apart and then come together to actually do an activity together - cooking or watching a movie, instead to just hang out in the same room all day with little meaningful interaction.
Try different beverages
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Buy a few different drinks you prefer ( beer / cider / wine / liquor ) from a store in your area. Sip them and discuss your favorites. Dont forget to include snacks like cheese and crackers and sausages and cured meats to enhance the sampling fare.
Drink and do some art
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Get some wine or any other preferred drink, pick a topic or theme, and paint or draw something. No judgment. Just time to be silly and try something new. You can also head to YouTube and find a painting tutorial to follow. Once your work is done, hang them up!
Watch something together
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There are a lot of virtual viewing options available for you.If you want a movie, stream something on NetflixHulu, or Amazon Prime. Also know that new in-theater movies are also available for purchase on Amazon Prime. Something different?Want to watch a broadway show? Check out BroadwayHD.The Met offers free daily performances from the past fourteen years of the Met’s Live in HD series. Tune in at 7:30 p.m. for a new performance every night. Videos are up for twenty-three hours (until 6:30 p.m. the following night) and then they will be rotated out for a new video.Sofa King Fest is a virtual concert series where you can watch quarantined and sheltering-in-place artists perform. The schedule changes daily.
Take a Virtual Trip Around the World
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While you can’t get in a car or on a plane to travel right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t see beautiful or interesting new places. Take a virtual tour of the Vatican and the Louvre, or any of the museums, zoos, etc ...
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