Top 10 tips for winning a man

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Want to win a man's heart, but don't know how? We will help you in this matter by giving you ten unique tips!

Want to win a man’s heart, but don’t know how? We will help you in this matter by giving you ten unique tips! So, our advice is a way of communicating with any man, thanks to which he becomes obsessed with you and is ready for a serious relationship.

Let’s get started!

Tip #1

When a man invites you somewhere, mentally count to five and only then agree. It will make him nervous, which is good!

Tip #2

Do not call him, even if it is inconvenient for you not to call. If he loves, he will call himself. When he asks you to call him, call only once. Keep your own calls to an absolute minimum!

Tip #3

When a man invites you to take a walk and eat ice cream, go to a bar or go to football, and you would like to have a romantic dinner, agree. Remember: you are difficult to conquer, but easy to live with! You can go to an expensive restaurant another time.

Tip #4

Walking down the street, first, as if by chance, release his hand.

Tip #5

If you are a sweet, sociable girl, you will have a hard time. And yet the stricter the better. Never call him first. Call back as little as possible. But if you are cold from nature, be nice. Only call him after five of his own calls. Be passionate. Don't ask him out, don't start talking about moving into his apartment or getting married, but show him on every date that you like him more.

Tip #6

If the man is behaving unethically, takes you for granted, if you want to shake him up to nudge him toward an offer, stop talking for a week. If all is well, but you want to make him miss you, go away for the weekend with a friend. Give him a week's notice. In a sweet, calm voice, inform that you are leaving with a friend to rest and relax.

Tip #7

If you're unsure of a man, double date with your friend. She will tell you if he is going to marry you.

Tip #8

Even men who are in love and aspiring to marriage sometimes say things that make you nervous. "I'll take you there if next year we still meet ... You know how difficult a relationship is." Don't get paranoid, just ignore it. Most girls start getting angry and cursing.

Tip #9

Do not let the man understand that you are afraid of loneliness, the absence of a man in your life. Women who let men understand their addiction are asking for problems themselves. The man understands that you will do anything just not to be alone.

Tip #10

Don't be angry if a man pulls off an offer. Most women want an offer tomorrow. Whatever happens, do not press on the man and do not force him.

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By: Jess Lorinter

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