What Is Sex Appeal In A Potential Spouse

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A recent survey has revealed the fact that men who are on the lookout for potential partners prefer the girl next door rather than a drop-dread gorgeous artist.

A recent survey has revealed the fact that men who are on the lookout for potential partners prefer the girl next door rather than a drop-dread gorgeous artist. A very big percentage of people assess the sex appeal of the person of the opposite sex before they decide to approach them. These findings reveal to what extent the sex appeal as one of the attributes used for searching a mate matters. A perfect wife may be described as one who is sensual without necessarily being overtly sexy. She should be appealing sexually to the man but not totally attractive like a magnet to other men. Mini-skirts and long attractive hair are not very appealing to the man in question since he does not want to live with insecurities.

A good wife material can be described as one who is well educated and who earns considerably good amount of money. Many men would not prefer an aggressive professional woman. Many would opt for a kindergarten teacher over a lawyer. This description emerges from respondents who are given a list of choices to pick a potential date. Many chooses people who look like less a challenge to them. Both men and women share the view that the ideal husband should be some years older than the potential wife. They also have a perception that the husband should be preferably taller. Women tend to prefer greater differences compared to men. An older man has more sex appeal to majority of women.

Many people are so choosy when it comes to partners until they hit the of age of 40 after which they begin acquiring a don’t care attitude. They care less about slender body shape and are more attracted to nurse-like women. They are observed to prefer women who put on formal attire. What appeals them sexually changes compared to when they were younger. It is surprising to learn that men who have children are more specific compared to those who are childless. They are more drawn to a woman who dresses formally perhaps to counterpoint to their very own household preoccupations. The sex appeal is greatly influenced by the way of dressing of a potential wife.

At the back of every man’s mind the sex appeal determines how far you can go together. According to how sexually appealing you are, you can either turn out to be a real wife or a pure date pursuit. This was clearly shown by the survey. The preference is made with respect to social and personal body features. People who were meeting blind dates on a mission of spouse hunting gave different choices with those who were meeting blind dates on pure fun grounds. A man would be more attracted to a curvaceous girl on a pure date. For a wife, he would want a less curved woman who has less aggressive sexual attitudes. Sex appeal in a potential marriage partner goes far beyond the natural beauty and the physical appearance. It is the inner beauty that makes someone an ideal spouse with great sexual appeal.

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