Who Else Wants to Know What a Relationship Is?

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Well, that's quite a question, isn't it? But I want to keep things simple. From what I've learned and found out to be true, a relationship is basically a DECISION!

Well, that’s quite a question, isn’t it? But I want to keep things simple. From what I’ve learned and found out to be true, a relationship is basically a DECISION! Yes, it is a decision of two people to create a bond between them, which would tie them together both physically, mentally and yes, spiritually. I do believe a man is a spiritual being with vast powers and great potential, if not always known or realized.

From this we have a basic fact:


And from that, in order to have a living breathing relationship, BOTH of you have to decide you want one in the first place. Because if only one decides and the other one just goes along, it would not be an adventure for two, but a dream of only one of you trying to make it come true.

And if that is the case, it would be hard to make things go the right way. That’s because the other person, who has not yet decided if he or she really wants or needs that relationship, would have hard time deciding on other things too, like, should we move to live together, is it the time we marry, should we have children at all, is it really a great idea to go on vacation together, and so on.

It even might seem for a moment that you have no couple compatibility here or marriage compatibility later for that matter. But in the origin it all stemmed from you or the other person not making up his or her mind about your relationship in the first place.

One more thing here – a relationship cannot depend only on physical attraction, because it would not live on its own, unless you are close together physically all the time. So in light of the basic fact above, that a real relationship must be based upon a firm decision, beside physical attraction, a couple has to have a mental relationship too – talks, things in common, liking or disliking toward certain things together, etc.

So the decision to have a relationship comes threefold:

  • Decide you want to be physically together.
  • Decide you want to share your thoughts with your partner.
  • Decide you are ready to feel emotions toward that person.

Once those three decisions are in place, you have a great start together. You can test for your relationship compatibility based on important questions and know what to improve to have even more things in common. I suggest improving each aspect of your relationship by learning new things and ways, practicing them together in order to create a real compatibility between you for years to come.

Good luck!

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By: Jess Lorinter
Alexander Stern has an extensive knowledge in the field of relationship compatibility and the art of developing a long-lasting loving relationship. Alexander writes on many topics to help people remove the stress and confusion in all that relates to their relationship.

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